Your social media campaign is crucial. And we’re not talking about just having a Facebook page you update once a month. No, in today’s society, your online presence is just as important as your product. While this might seem like an outlandish claim, it really holds merit in today’s day and age. With that said, if your social campaign is lacking the shine & luster it needs, consider grabbing your nearest pen & paper — these tips might house the boost your business needs.


Encouraging Engagement

Your facebook page is a great place to gather recent photos and upload anything you see fit for your business, but client and employee interaction is key. Think of them as your ambassadors. If you’ve had good experiences offer a coupon to anyone who writes a positive review. That $10 off their next transaction is far outweighed by the acquisition of a new client who decided to trust your company based on previous feedback. This is also a great place to encourage employees to interact. Write a simple review or share your latest post. No, this isn’t stuffing the ballot either — your employees should love their job, and their word is just as important as anyone’s.

Revamp your strategy

We get you love posting what the office is eating for lunch (we love foodie pics as much as the next guy), but sometimes it brings little value to your image on social. Think about what you’d be looking for as a client. Something relevant to what you need, or a bit of professional insight into the company and its services. Offering smaller tips and tricks related to your industry is great — it subconsciously brings your efforts full circle. You’ll be remembered as the company willing to offer knowledge to others, while also providing a service of your own.

Keep it updated!

Your online presence is like a storefront. If someone walks up to your door and it looks like you haven’t been there in 3 weeks, they’re likely to walk away. This is the same for social. Keep your content specific and strategically timed. One or two per week is more than enough to keep your page fresh and new. Online, the more you provide, the more value you’re adding. As simple as this might seem, it seems to happen all too often that this part of the business is forgotten and leads to lost opportunities.

Successful marketing comes down to knowing your audience and constantly learning and evolving to meet their needs. We are experienced in providing a user friendly online experience; see our capabilities at

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