In an effort to jump start sales, Atlanta based soda giant Coca-Cola Co. has launched its first major campaign in 7 years. “Taste the Feeling” is Coke’s central message in the new campaign spanning print, broadcast and digital mediums.

After less than desirable numbers in the first three quarters of 2015, Coke decided it was time to move away from their “Open Happiness” tag line that focused on the aspirations of the consumer. “Taste the Feeling” turns the focus back on the drink, specifically the flavor, calling upon the unique experience of drinking their famous cola recipe. The new campaign also follows a growing trend in consumers to avoid sugary drinks after the World Health Organization released a statement linking excess sugar intake to obesity and disease.

In a coincidental tribute, Coke featured the Queen and David Bowie hit “Under Pressure” in one of their “Taste the Feeling” spots. Check it out above, along with some other campaign highlights below.