Have you ever been caught doodling during a meeting or lecture? A few of us here at silver creative certainly have. It’s too bad we hadn’t heard about Sunni Brown’s research. In ‘The Doodle Revolution’, Brown explains the link between doodling and better information retention. That’s why for this week’s tip, silver has decided to share some tactics for creating brain-boosting doodles.

Break concepts into smaller pieces in your doodles to find a new perspective. If the topic is “baseball games” for instance, you may choose to doodle a mitt, peanuts, or ticket stubs. This can open your mind to thinking about smaller aspects of the topic that aren’t always apparent when considering it as a whole.

Use doodles as shorthand when you’re trying to keep up with a speedy presentation. By doodling the topics of conversation, you stand a better chance of staying engaged while taking notes. Incorporate text to link doodles and make your notes more robust and simpler to interpret later on.

Visualize your work related problems with images. The brain is adept at forming pathways, or habits, to achieve certain outcomes. In problem solving, identifying and breaking those habits is necessary when you’re looking for a new result. Break your problem down into doodles that show an input, process, and outcome to find the factor that needs to be addressed.

Doodling opens up an entirely different language of interpretation and information delivery. What concepts would you find easier to draw rather than explain? How to build a wooden chair? How to fold a paper airplane? How to fulfill an online order? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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