Let’s face it, sustainability is no longer a differentiator in this day and age, it’s a requirement. Cutting waste, reducing impact, and “going green” are all terms that consumers understand and respond to, and businesses have taken notice.

The eco-friendly trend is undoubtedly a win for the environment. Water consumption is down at large factories like the Hershey chocolate plant, and companies big and small are reducing electrical usage with more efficient equipment, right down to the light bulbs. As great as the overall trend is for the planet, it’s also proving to be positive for the bottom line.

One of the biggest opportunities for sustainability is packaging. Plastic, in particular the improper disposal of it, is proving to be a mounting issue for the Earth and its oceans, with a majority of it originating from consumer packaging. Companies like PepsiCo have taken action, eliminating close to 89 million pounds of plastic packaging per year since 2010 with smarter more sustainable design. The reduction in itself is a huge positive for PepsiCo, but when you add in the fact that the reductions helped save more than $48 million annually, that’s a change that everyone can get behind.

If you’re still working with heavy clamshell packaging and excess cardboard packing materials, it might be time to rethink. Your world and your wallet will thank you.