Following last week’s youthful post, we thought it might be smart to offer some tips to further bridge the gap. The Millennial generation in the workforce is fast, direct, and digital. It’s a generation that has both grown up with the Internet and learned to master it. In order to keep up with them and the constant evolution of the digital world, organizations should strive build an environment that caters to the digital user. Here are a few tips that we use at Silver to keep our culture up-to-date:

  1. Have a significant Presence on Social Media. Encourage Millennial Employees to connect with your company in the social sphere. Their content will help promote credibility and visibility for your social accounts. Here is a resource that allows you to manage all of your social media in one place. https://hootsuite.com/
  1. Use the right form of Communication. Don’t email when you should be using instant messaging. Here is a messaging system we have used here at Silver.  https://slack.com/
  1. Provide the right Tools and Resources. Give your employees access to the latest tools necessary to keep up with the digital trends and work efficiently. Keeping current with industry trends will help your business stay relevant over time while increasing overall value.

Value your millennial workers for their insight into your client’s needs. Leverage their talents in social media and the digital realm. The digital revolution is far from over, and with the help of the millennial generation, you can learn to make the most of it.