It comes around only once every four years, but when it does you can’t escape it. The nation is in full blown political frenzy mode as the primaries come to a head and each potential candidate makes their last push for the bid. At Silver, we don’t like to talk too much about political views. America, after all, is place were differing opinions and views can come together for the greater good and progress of our nation. But we sure like to talk about advertising, and these coming months are prime territory for political advertising.

Depending on who you are, where you live, what sites you visit, and more, you may have seen a variety of uplifting campaign messages or aggressive attack ads. As citizen, campaign ads may help your decision at the polls, but as marketer they help give some key isights into demographics. That’s why the analysts at Conversant compiled campaign advertising data by party. Take a look at their findings summarized in this infographic, courtesy of Adweek and Carlos Monteiro.politics-infographic