Food and beverage manufacturers need to have a strong communication plan to ensure that their message is heard over the social chatter. According to Forbes, prominent social figures, like celebrities, athletes, or bloggers, with large followings have an enormous amount of power to alter people’s views of food and beverage brands. A positive effect of this can be great free publicity, but a negative effect transpires if one of these influencers puts out inaccurate information.

“Food industry marketers no longer have the sole power to shape consumer tastes and fuel demand for their products. That power has been largely hijacked by new influencers—public health activists, celebrity nutritionists, politicians, food bloggers—who have their own agendas and can influence public sentiment as never before. Their megaphone is sympathetic media, especially online: social media, consumer websites, and an exploding number of alternative news outlets.” – from Forbes

Sometimes false information does go viral and it can unfairly scar a brand. How many times have you seen a shocking blog or social media post by a popular user, about a food or beverage product? Upon seeing the post, your opinion of the manufacturer may have changed based on your emotional reaction, but did you take the time to fact check the statement? Many readers and viewers don’t.

Additional problems caused from the spread of inaccurate information can be prevented with a strong communication plan. Information is key, and if a food/beverage company consistently shows transparency with its history and nutrition facts, then customers will be able to make their own informed decisions. In this case, a clear communication plan will help any brand win a battle before a full-on war begins.

Food and beverage companies know their products best, so they need to make sure that consumers are listening and understanding them above all other sources. Silver Creative Group is experienced in marketing in the food and beverage industry, and the nutrition industry; the combined experience in these two industries creates a perfect foundation for success. We understand that food/beverage companies need to maintain customer trust and loyalty- this can be done with a communication plan that strengthens your messaging and lessens any effects of influence from outside forces. Check out our strategy here: http://silvercreativegroup.com/industries/food-beverage/.

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