We all know that Twitter is free and easy to use, but do you know how it can help you in the real estate industry? In this line of business, making connections is most important, especially with new information constantly being exchanged – from the sharing of property listings with viewing dates to interactive online leasing portals – Twitter’s capabilities of sharing content and following users make it the perfect tool to use.

The buying, selling, or renting process can take a long time. After all, these are life changing decisions that people are making. During the often drawn out process, real estate businesses must have a way to stay connected with existing and potential clients, and Twitter is great for doing just that. According to Realty Biz News, the following are just a few benefits of using Twitter in the real estate industry:

Connects your business to your community – Real estate is all about location, so be connected to yours! By sharing content that’s relevant to the area and tagging it accordingly, the content is made more visible to the target audience. This gives your business a chance to connect with the community and is a great conversation starter. Remember that this initial connection can lead to the beginning of a sale.

Helps build a brand – With a profile that showcases your business basics along with its values and interests, potential clients are given a chance to get to know you better and understand the brand. A profile picture that’s consistent with the brand’s messaging along with a strong mission statement work together to support the company’s overall message.

Reaches out to clients or prospects in an informal manner – Reaching out to people, whether they are clients or leads is necessary but not always easy. Connecting on Twitter can be as easy as writing a message to someone or liking their post. This is a less formal and less intrusive way to reach out to people and get noticed.

Monitors progress – There are tools that can be used to measure the results of how many people your post has reached and how many people are engaged in them. This data can also give relevant information on days and times that result in the best engagement. This information can be used to improve your overall activity.

In the real estate business, location is even important online and Twitter is a great place to be! Long and often complicated processes are easier with Twitter’s ability to build and maintain crucial contacts. Some real estate companies have already started taking advantage of the platform, but if you’re new to Twitter or just need some focused guidance, let us know! http://silvercreativegroup.com/industries/real-estate/

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