Welcome to the first edition of the Silver Spotlight, a semi-regular feature that takes you behind the scenes of what’s going on at silver creative group.  Let’s get things rolling by embarrassing introducing our designer, Jonathan Burke!  Jonathan came to us about three months ago and has been a creative rock star since walking through our front door, fast becoming an instrumental part of the team.  When he’s not busy blowing our minds with his designs, Jonathan likes playing soccer and the guitar.

Here’s Jonathan, hard at work, concocting brilliance, doing his best to ignore me!  One of the things that he most enjoys about working here is the ability to have a say in all phases of the design process.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 16.22.32

Jonathan has a number of designs in various stages of development and we’ll be sure to post a couple here and on the silver creative website once they launch.  Also, keep watching this space for future editions of the Silver Spotlight.  If there is something (or someone) in particular you’d like to see covered here, just let us know in the comments.