We love organic food, we also love organic click-through rates! They have much in common as they are both authentic, deeper and richer in quality, and leave an impression. When you think organic, you think natural. Organic marketing is exactly that- it comes naturally. It’s a natural connection that has been made that brought the consumer to you.

According to Entrepreneur.com, follow these five steps to improve organic CTR

  1. Use emotionally charged headlines.
  2. Write juicy meta descriptions.
  3. Fix ugly URLs (keep it simple).
  4. Identify rich snippets (through HTML markup, these help search engines identify content on webpages).
  5. Tag your images with keywords.

Once you get your viewer there, keep them coming back! Being relevant is work but that work is worth it. Content is most important and must be relevant to what you’re doing and of interest to your target market. These natural connections are the ones that drive sales, after all we must first make connections before we can make sales.

By creating a habit of being consistently relevant to your audience, your organic marketing will be as healthy for your business as organic food is for your body.

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