The Olympics are inspirational, exciting, and emotional- all that hard work, sacrifice, and preparation for a chance to be the best in the world. While the suspense is more than enough for athletes, we, the viewers feel that sense of anxiety as well, as we watch and cheer for our home nations. Advertisers know that the people watching the Summer Olympics are immersed in the games and sweating along with the athletes, so they’re creating commercials that set a similar tone. Take a look at Gillette’s commercial.

Together, the images and music presented in the video paint a picture that coincides with our feelings of excitement and uneasiness. At the end of the commercial, the message is clearly spelled out “The best a man can get isn’t always pretty but always worth the chase.” At this point, many of us connect our own lives to the lives of athletes. While the majority of us did not sacrifice everything to be top athletes, we all have dedicated our lives to something that’s of importance to us.

No matter where we end up in life, the truth is that everyone has sacrificed in some way to work towards their own success. This rings true for both men and women, and connects the brand’s message to the audience. At this point, the company reaches its goal, it has made the connection with us. After all, as consumers don’t we just want to be understood? Isn’t that what we care about? If a company understands us and feels our pain, don’t we feel connected? Gillette knew this and catered to that need for us to be understood.

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