For many of us, summer is wedding season and all about love and engagements, but here at Silver Creative we’ve got a different kind of engagement on our minds- customer engagement.

In the ecommerce sector, Safeway is leading the way in customer engagement. Shop.safeway.com, for grocery delivery, was on top for the month of June according to Similarweb (information technology company that uses data to track and analyze user engagement for websites). This was measured by the number of visitors, time spent on the site, and pages visited on the site.

Safeway’s site offers the usual search by keyword, but also has an option to “shop by aisle.” This shop by aisle is much like the traditional grocery shopping experience, where we walk through the store searching for what we not only need but for what we want.


Other ways to shop on the site are “shop by history” and “shop by recipe,” giving us the option to find products in different ways and increasing our time spent in the virtual store.

What can we take away from this? By providing customers with something that they’re already familiar with by making it easier (in this case grocery shopping in a variety of ways in the comfort of our homes); we improve the customer experience. Now think, what kind of experience is your site giving clients? Think about this and see what needs to be altered for better customer engagement.

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