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Here it is, the final day of 2013. We couldn’t just sign off on the year without one final Tuesday Tip. And number 50, at that (when did we miss 2 weeks…must have had a late start last January).

As is customary around this time of year, we wanted to share some of our New Year’s resolutions.

  • Everyone in the office agreed that keeping desks clean and free of clutter was a top priority.
  • There were a couple of resolutions about getting up and/or to the office earlier.
  • Pay more attention to our own Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Resist the temptation to eat lunch at our desks.
  • Actually have Monday Morning meetings on Monday mornings.
  • Practice putting and darts regularly.
  • Keep things around the office simple and organized. No more overflowing file cabinets and folders!
  • Start working on our 2014 holiday card much, much earlier in the year.
  • Continually update our website with our latest work, case studies, and company updates.
  • Not wait until the last minute to send in award submissions.
  • No more multitasking while making toast; it leads to too many burnt slices.
  • Utilize the new office space to further enhance the creative, collaborative atmosphere.
  • Finally, keeping coming up with new Tuesday Tip ideas!

So maybe they aren’t as life changing as many traditional resolutions, but that should help with actually sticking with them (for a couple weeks at least). Right?

Thanks again to everyone who made 2013 a special year at Silver Creative Group. We can’t wait to start 2014 right where we left off and are looking forward to another 12 months of strategic design, eye-catching creativity, and innovative technology.