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We’re already a week into 2014, and smack in the middle of the time period when New Year’s resolutions are still fresh enough to not be completely ignored. Have you learned a new programming language, yet? How about mastering another part of the Adobe Creative Suite? No? Well, what are you waiting for?!?

Now is the perfect time to assess your skillset and determine how it can be strengthened. Luckily, there are many online (and often free) resources available to help achieve whatever learning goal you set this year. Then when January 2015 rolls around, you can look back on the previous twelve months and know that whatever else happened, you learned something new. And that’s a great way to start any year.

Here are some of our favorite resources: –  Software training and tutorials

Skillshare – Video classes from some of the leading minds in marketing and design

Codecademy – Learn a new language (programming)

Duolingo – Learn a new language (traditional)

iTunes U – Learn just about anything

Abduzeedo – Cool Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials