Another season of football has come to an end, another champion has been crowned, and another crop of Super Bowl ads have aired. This year’s 111,000,000+ viewer broadcast featured a spectrum of ads ranging from sincere to absurd, with agencies going above and beyond to make a lasting impression. At $166,666 per second, it makes sense that brands were trying to stand out in likely their most expensive ad-spend for the year (or ever). Here are the three ads that made the cut here at Silver.

Heinz Ketchup “Wiener Stampede” – This 60 second spot from DAVID Miami proves that you don’t have to make sense to make an impression. Weiner Stampede is our first introduction to “The Ketchups”, Heinz’s family of classic condiments. We’re not fully sure what the metaphor was but there is nothing more majestic than galloping wiener dogs. A-

Avocados from Mexico “Bounty of Earth” – GSD&M pokes fun at the so called modern marvels of the 21st century in their extra terrestrial spot for the guac-monopoly known as Avocados From Mexico. We especially like the nod to our maniacally crafted torture devices and profound image-based alphabet. Light-hearted, relevant, and just the right amount of whacky. B+

Audi “Commander” – We don’t know whether luck or wit are responsible in choosing the David Bowie’s hit Starman for the 90 second spot, and frankly we don’t care. Venables Bell & Partners’ work for Audi’s latest supercar was inspiring to say the least. The storyline, the visuals, and of course the timeless sentiment behind the verses place you right along side our unnamed “Commander” on his reinvigorating ride. A

What were some of your favorites? Post them here and we’ll let you know what we think.