Short, sweet, and to the point — often a phrase used for those describing the process of achieving a short-term goal. You’ve heard this before, you’ve used it before, (we see you, last minute birthday cards) and it works for almost anything. But transitioning this into a marketing perspective, short and sweet is usually the way to go when trying to achieve a simple conversion, and this, is why landing pages exist. For whatever the goal at hand is, a landing page is a direct attempt at shoving all necessary information into one webpage, and shooting for a high conversion rate. So why should you use landing pages? We’re so glad you asked!

A landing page is there to support the ad it was shown with. Should someone click the ad or link to your page, they’re looking for the information that will help them make their educated choice to purchase, sign up, etc. Once on a landing page, there are very few distractions — and for good reason. Excess links can create areas in which people will visit, thus lowering your conversion rate. So unless it’s mission critical, ditch the links.

A landing page is also there to help establish credibility within your product/offering. If the ad shown advertises a good deal, your landing page should be ready to show them that deal, and also reinforce why it’s a good deal. For simple things such as purchases and newsletter subscriptions, you shouldn’t need anything more than the bare necessities. Get to the point, and convert your traffic.

Other things you can include on your landing page can be bullet points, social status, and contact information. The basics of landing pages should all be there and directly focused, but it’s also important to let your viewers know that you also do care about your business. Explain that you’re there to help, should they need you — show confidence in your product, and they’ll show confidence in you. 

Take a look at some of the landing pages we’ve built here, here, and here!
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