So you’re looking to revamp your brand’s image, but you’re not sure where to start. Many brands and companies go through this dilemma, so there’s nothing to worry about just yet. When it comes to constructing a new image that’s supposed to represent your brand as a whole, it can be a little stressful. Above all else, there are a few main points to keep in mind when you’re changing your look up. We’ve outlined a few for you below, for your convenience.


  • Stay True To Your Roots. You’ve been branding yourself a certain way for some time now, and that means something. Everything down to the syntax you’re using on Social Media, your brand has an image to uphold. Keep your colors consistent (unless you’re doing a MAJOR overhaul), and stay within the same theme as the last. It’s important that your clientele understands your revamp, but doesn’t forget who you actually are.


  • Keep It Simple. Some brands are successful and can utilize a busy logo with a ton going on, but chances are, a smaller business won’t fare as well as one who is much larger. Stick to a logo that’s easily recognized, and try to keep it to two colors or less. Elegance paired with a modern flair is a recipe for success.
  • Angles. There’s a reason why companies like Apple feature a logo with soft, rounded edges — their products emulate those curves. For proper branding purposes, it’s a great concept to keep everything uniform and recognizable. These connections are made via your subconscious when making the connection between logo and product. Plus, this is a great way to incorporate some personal

Rebranding your image is never an easy task, and sometimes it takes a bit of tinkering to get it perfect. After all, branding is extremely important, so it’s imperative that the proper time is taken to make sure everything is the way you want it before you’re finished.

Getting brands off the ground is rather natural to us — from basic strategy to complete overhauls, silver creative group is the one to turn to. When you’re ready, take a trip through our new website and see some of the great things we’ve done. After you’ve seen what you need, our contact form is right here waiting for your call.

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