As the holidays are approaching, businesses and ecommerce entities begin their push for last minute increases in sale volume and revenue. From a statistical standpoint, this is a great way to introduce a hot product or service in hopes of selling out. Because many of these companies have leftover budget, most of it is put toward a campaign around the holidays. Branded specifically around the company or offering, a number of approaches are taken. To capitalize on a few, take a look below and see what you can use.



As an example, let’s say you’re a home and business lock manufacturer, and your intention is to push last minute sales. Playing with the concept of locks and homes, it’s a great idea to utilize social media to your advantage. Coming up with a unique hashtag to brand your material is the first step. By merging the idea of safety at home, your products, and the need for home security, #KeyToYourHome might work. Using vivid imagery surrounding your products, while conveying the idea of safety to your viewers, you can effectively brand content across all platforms, and encourage users to post their own content. While this simple tactic may seem small, the cultural relevance just might jog the memory of your fanbase to make a decision to buy

Use The Holidays!

You’d be surprised at how many holiday campaigns are conducted without the use of the holiday season. This time of year, there’s a reason people use it. Think about the M&M’s commercial that airs every year with Santa Claus and the two main M&M characters. It’s a quirky commercial that utilizes both the product, and the season. Coca-Cola also has their TV spots with polar bears, and holiday cheer — these recurring themes are used because they work. If you’re selling something and plan to use the holidays to do so, make sure you’re using a sense of urgency in your plan as well. When people feel as if they (or truly don’t) have enough time before the promotion ends, they’re much more likely to make an impulsive decision.

Whether it’s content creation, video, branding strategy, or a complete branding revamp, it’s important to be timely this holiday season. If your brand is in need of an overhaul to push EOY results, look no further than the comprehensive team at silver creative. With every tool on hand to complete the job, we’ll work with you every step of the way to bring your goals that much closer to realities. To learn more, fill out this contact form — we’d love to hear from you. Additionally, make sure you’re connecting with us on Facebook!

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