Posting a photo on Facebook to promote your business used to be the best form of social sharing — and while it’s still an extremely strong tactic, something will always succeed a previously mastered craft. Facebook’s advertising platform just might be the best way to expand a business struggling to get off the ground or to give it that holiday season bump it’s been looking for. With countless areas in which content can be tailored, it’s no surprise that $5.2B was spent in the first quarter of this year alone. Here are a few things you can take advantage of by running Facebook Advertising.


Direct Targeting

Posting on your page’s wall isn’t enough anymore. The fact of the matter remains that only those who like or visit your page will see it — so what about the other population who won’t? By creating a specific Facebook Ad for these purposes, you’re able to target anyone you want — yes, anyone. Selling special candles? That 36-year-old male postal worker who lives 15 miles away doesn’t know about your product until you target him, and target him you can. From income to residence value, there’s an endless list of things you can check off before your ad goes live.

Conversion Tracking

But how do I know my efforts are working? We’re glad you asked. Thanks to something known as a ‘pixel’ in the advertising world, you’ll be able to track users who click on your ads, and venture to your site. From here, it will track them for a specific amount of time, monitoring their activity. Should they perform the action on your ad, (newsletter signup, make a purchase, etc) the pixel embedded on your site communicated with the pixel and Ad on facebook, generating a conversion for you. This gives you the chance to see where your money is going, and how effective your efforts are!

Now we know this sounds technical and difficult — and for good reason! Advertising is a specific aspect of digital marketing that can help businesses grow tremendously when performed correctly. If you’re in need of assistance in the Facebook Advertising field, make sure to send inquiries to silver creative group.

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