Before anyone purchases a product, there are a number of things that happen. Whether they’re

swiping through the pages on a magazine or heading down the frozen food aisle, something

must serve as the ‘gravitational pull’ to the product itself — and let’s be honest, we’re visual

creatures. With that comes product packaging, the process of presenting your product in

something eye-catching, protective, and ready to be stocked on store shelves. Mastering this art

isn’t an easy one, but there are ways to simplify the process.


Be Direct.

Let’s assume you’re selling an easy-to- cook item that everyone loves. The first reality is that

other companies are probably selling this product as well, so you’ve got to stand out. On your

packaging, make the star of your product prominent; strong legible fonts and photos often work

best. It’s important that your customers know what they’re buying in an instant. It may seem

simple, but that’s the first hurdle to overcome on the path to purchasing. You’d be surprised at

how much easier it is finding an item that’s been labeled effectively than the one next to it with

illegible, 6pt cursive font.

Bring It To Life.

Advertising should be exciting, and that’s exactly how it should feel to those looking for your

product. Establishing your brand’s color is imperative to making it noticeable. In an aisle with

dull hues, a bright red or green box will certainly stick out from the crowd; or even vice versa.

And when possible forgo stock images in favor of original design. Create from the ground up,

and show them who you are as a brand. Unless you’re a household name already, these can

greatly improve your chances of getting in front of the right eyes.

Give Them Something To Read.

Everyone likes to hear the full story, right? Just like the games on the back of cereal boxes, give

your customers insight into your business that they can delve into. Whether it’s history about the

brand or a cool infographic about the product and how it’s made, the genuine approach to

selling is what turns a one-time customer into a lifelong patron or even brand ambassador!

If you’re looking to get a new product up and running, perfecting its appearance is going to be

one of your main tasks. Silver Creative has a team dedicated to helping your product succeed

on shelves. To learn more, fill out this form today or give us a call at 203-855- 7705 and we’ll get

to the drawing board.

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