Constructing a reputable image for you and your brand is becoming increasingly difficult as more continue to pop up. Establishing your cutting edge, picture perfect persona is the easy part, whereas getting it in front of the right people isn’t. Brand image comes from a number of different factors, and it’s important that you as a do everything in your power to continue to flourish. An easy solution comes as promotional items and collateral. In turn, these tangibles benefit your business, as well as provide the lasting, trustworthy image you’re shooting for.


Print Materials

Let’s assume you’re selling high-end real estate in the city and your target demographic, while defined, hasn’t shown much interest. While it’s true that anyone with a computer can look online for what’s needed, tangible collateral is important as well. In a perfect scenario, they’ll come to the location and check out your offerings in person — with nothing but mental images to suffice upon their departure. A small brochure or magazine to take home is a great way to keep the information fresh in the minds of those interested. Carefully branded into the desired image you’d like to entice with, it’s no surprise that more than half of consumers today still trust print advertising more than any other form.

Brand Image

Nothing is more important to a consumer than how you look from the beginning. A logo and text copy that looks like it belongs on the desktop version of AOL 6.0 simply won’t cut it these days. Approach your clientele with a modern take on a classic. Mimic the sharp edges of your building with a similar font, and design your site to be the same way. Fluidity across the board is something that builds a personal trust with your potential customers. These small steps can lead to big conversions in the long run — isn’t it worth taking a look at?

Getting brands off the ground is rather natural to us — from basic strategy to complete overhauls, silver creative group is the one to turn to. When you’re ready, take a trip through our new website and see some of the great things we’ve done. After you’ve seen what you need, our contact form is right here waiting for your call.

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