You’re out to eat and the check comes. Naturally, if paying with a credit card, you’ll have to sign. Your waiter leaves a bright green pen inside the booklet with your card and copy. The pen’s ink flows seamlessly across the receipt, and you contemplate keeping it for your future writing. Little do you know, this new piece of stationery is an advertising ploy, and they’re hoping you keep it. Because in three months, someone using that pen might also see the name of the restaurant on the pen, and instantly have an idea as to where they’re going for dinner. In that instant, a pen was what brought your company business — so how can I take advantage of this too?



Common Items

The average person has 300,000 items in their home, but uses nowhere near half of them. Think of the things you grab the most. Post-it’s, pens, hand towels, and water bottles. For the morning commuter, a coffee mug is in the top 10 uses as well. All of these things have lives that travel to many places. People borrow pens, and notes are stuck on pieces of paper that trade dozens of hands. Your friend needs a cup of coffee, but is in a rush. Your name is now plastered onto an item traveling far and wide. Not only are your impression numbers high, but your investment is low. The ROI potential on these present great opportunities — especially if you’re just starting up.

Practical Usage

Let’s say you’re creating a new jam or spread for toast, and the jar is difficult to open. The old fashioned hot water trick isn’t helping, so you reach into your kitchen drawer of goodies and pull out a rubber grip to open things with. It’s branded with a name that you’ll see for the entire lifespan of the product, as will many others. “Oh, it’s in the drawer” will be uttered to family members and friends alike for years, who are now also cognitively looking at your brand’s name on a household item that everyone uses. The best part is that next time they’re shopping for strawberry jam, their mind will remember your logo, because they’ve seen it before.

This also applies to things like business cards, and paper that can be handed out and placed in bags as people leave your place of work. The best part about these small additions lies in the fact that you truly never know who it will end up in the hands of, and who can bring you future business

In terms of getting your business off the ground Silver creative the agency to do it all. Initial brand strategy, print and digital marketing are just a few of the trades we’ve mastered. To learn more about how we can help your business prosper, fill our our contact form or give us a call today — we’d love to hear from you.

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