In the world of digital creatures, video is becoming all too important for many businesses. Years ago, a billboard or TV spot was the biggest advertising opportunity ever, but that’s changed. As many make the switch to content absorption via the internet, video has become the number 1 way to generate & convert leads. But what makes these clips so special? Can’t I just download adblock and not worry? Well, yes and no. It’s not so much a pre-roll ad that does the work, but other forms of video are performing equally as well, too. So, why is video so important nowadays? 


Industry Flexible. Clothing companies have been pushing the video content envelope for years now, becoming extremely important. Years ago, you’d venture to the mall to try on a piece of clothing to make sure it’d fit. With video, shoppers can see what the item looks like from all angles, with information about the model as well! It’s no surprise that 43% of smartphone shoppers turn to YouTube for information about what size/type of clothing they should buy.

The TV is slowly dying out. We can see that on-demand content is now becoming a frontrunner in content. Since 2013, television content viewership has increased 230% online – for your daily fix, it’s becoming that much easier to download it on your phone or laptop. And that’s another place where ads are succeeding. Pre-roll is becoming targeted to the audience who is viewing content. It isn’t so broad anymore!

Everything in between. From product launch to brand awareness campaigns, video content and it’s engagement numbers are only climbing up. Let’s face it, we’re visual creatures, and nothing is going to stop us from becoming interested in the motion picture. 

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