Email marketing is hands down becoming one of the most beneficial marketing tactics for businesses in every corner of the world. Without having to step foot into a store or check out your website, you can effectively market your product or service to them digitally. But email marketing is far more than just shooting a mass email out and hoping for clicks and conversions. There are specific tactics that go along with these blasts, and they need to be looked at. If you’re looking to boost your digital exposure, here are a few ways to do so with the customer, and your reputation in mind.


Let’s say someone signs up for your email blast — the last thing they’re going to want to do is have a sale or product shoved into their face. Instead of this tactic, opt for something that calmly and positively introduces them to who you are. Give some background into your company, why it was formed, and why you’re proud of the accomplishments and product/service you can provide. There’s nothing wrong with showcasing your products throughout the email, but it’s also important to not make this the focal point of your message.


In order to actually convert these people into paying customers or clients, there has to be some research done as well. It’s a great idea for e-commerce websites to set up a system that will send out emails to those who either a) have not visited the site in a while, or b) added something to their cart, only to abandon it. There’s no harm in sending them an email reminding them that you still exist, or that they may have forgotten about the item, with intention to purchase. Once again, easing them into this email strategy proves highly effective when it’s done correctly.


It’s never a good idea to bombard someone’s inbox with constant emails — this is why people unsubscribe. Make sure that above all else, your content is actually engaging, and has something other than a sales pitch included. This can be infographics, a joke, customer testimonial, and so much more. Seasonal sale emails are great, especially if you have something worth their time (though, all emails should be considered to be worth the reader’s time). While extremely effective, email marketing is also delicate, in that many who unsubscribe, won’t ever re-subscribe to your list. Keeping them within reach is something that should always be considered.

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