We don’t mean to brag or anything, but we’re pretty proud of the results we can bring to clients. Alright, you got us, we’ll brag — but just this once! When it comes to revamping a brand’s identity, we’re pretty good at figuring out the overall direction, and making things happen. We’d like to present one of our recent projects, ELEVATE, which is a modern property building that towered it’s way into the Manhattan skyline. We took a very unique approach to this specific project, and the outcome was superb.


The basis around the ELEVATE project dealt with four words — Life, Fitness, Family, and Action. Our job was to highlight what was brought into three floors of amenities for those in the building, and make it something entirely desirable. They boasted lifestyle and fitness related perks but had no way of getting it out there to the public. 22,000 sq. ft needed to be marketed, and marketed correctly. The best approach was to utilize these projects into interchangeable terms; using all four words as one, or marketing each separately. Our efforts did both.

We began with a unique logo, something that needed to be perfect in order to generate the interest needed for potential clientele. Additionally, brochures and display items accompanied those who walked through the door, looking for more information about what was being offered. For prospective users, email marketing campaigns were also thoughtfully crafted and sent out, as well as comprehensive scheduling, polo shirts for those who desired them, and so much more.

To effectively create visuals to market this plan, signage was created and showcased, which boasted the different things that could be utilized inside of the facility. This included a fitness center, pool, spin lab, and so much more. Additional memberships were available and also included libraries, golfing simulators, game rooms. And a grilling terrace. Embodying everything that the space had to offer was a challenge, but the effective tactics we utilized resulted in an increase in revenue and membership numbers.
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