The top design trends in user interface are ones that engage and increase ease of use. A study by Adobe shows that 38% of people will leave a site if they find layout and content unappealing. We don’t want anyone to leave your app too soon, so learn from Inspirationfeed and follow these trends in user interface design:


Animate it.

Better technology has vastly increased animation possibilities in 2017. Animation is a proven tactic for user engagement and one that brings stronger meaning to words.


Use videos.

From funny to informative, videos are catchy and engaging. They draw viewers in and hold their attention, and can convey complex messages more quickly and clearly than text.


Box it with cards.

Card designs in apps look clean, organized, and allow for easy navigation. Boxed organization of content is familiar to all of us and increases ease of use.


Hide your menu.

Large menu bars used to be popular but always managed to get in the way. Hidden menus solve this problem by making navigation only available when needed, allowing for unobstructed viewing.


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