As much as we like to present our readers with the latest news in digital marketing and upcoming trends, we are seasoned veterans who know from experience that some marketing tactics never go out of style and remain successful through the years. Forbes came up with a list of good old fashioned marketing tactics that still work today, and we completely agree!


According to Forbes, “with some slight tweaking, you can take what worked yesterday and make it relevant to today.” Depending on your clients and business goals, the following marketing strategies may be worth trying even in 2017:


Promotional Gifts

Let’s face it, everybody likes free stuff, especially if it’s free stuff that we can use. Promotional gifts can include just about anything and don’t have to be expensive; what’s most important is that the giveaway connects the potential client back to you.



We like free things so it’s no surprise that we like saving money, too. In the past clipping coupons was common but now digital promo codes are being used as well. By offering your customers savings, you are encouraging them to shop or visit, and they may just be tempted enough to take you up on the offer. May we suggest using an email list to send them out?



Mailing Lists

Don’t be a spammer, but take advantage of your mailing list. This is an easy and inexpensive way to get your business directly in front of the people that you are interested in connecting with. Use it to promote your business and always request a call to action.


Make a Scene with a Sign

Sign spinning by the street is definitely noticeable and studies show that it’s a successful way to attract attention. The only problem is that this tactic is not geared for a specific target market but rather for the masses. If you think that those passing by may be part of your target audience, then go right ahead – the street is your stage.


Slick Slogans

Getting noticed may be your initial goal in marketing, especially if you’re new. Some clever words, a magical saying, or a catchy jingle will certainly help accomplish that. Don’t doubt the power of a few witty words.


As much as we like to be new and hip in marketing here at Silver Creative Group, we want you to remember that if it works and brings a return on your investment, it may be worth trying. According to Forbes, these old marketing strategies work because they connect with human psychology. It is true that everyone wants to feel understood, entertained, and once in a while spoiled – at the end of the day, people just want to feel good.

You need to make a connection before making a sale and with these marketing methods, if you make a person feel good for whatever reason, then you are well on your way to success. For more marketing insight, contact us today.

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