You work hard on your posts, gathering relevant information that your audience can use, but what’s the point if it goes unnoticed? Ensure that your blogs get the attention that they deserve by studying your readers’ habits and posting at relevant times. You can drastically improve views, engagements, and shares by planning blog posts accordingly.


We’ve scoured the net for you to find recommendations for the best time to post your blog, but there isn’t one day or one time that magically makes an impact. We can give you recommended days and times but at the end of the day, your blog’s success really depends on your target audience and what you are looking to achieve.



According to a study from KISSmetrics, Dan Zarrella, Search Engine Land, and HubSpot (shown in Eastern time):

The highest percentage of users read in the morning.

Men read more at night than women.

Day for most traffic is Monday.

Time for most traffic is around 11AM.

Day for most comments is Saturday.

Time for most comments is around 9AM.

Days for most inbound links are Monday and Thursday.

Time for most inbound links is around 7AM.


According to a study by TrackMaven:

Day for most shares is Sunday.

Time for most shares is around 3PM.

Day for least shares is Friday.


The above findings can act as a guideline for ideal blog posting times, but true results will come from testing, measuring, and altering your technique to evolve your marketing methods. Take advantage of online tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Hootsuite social media analytics, or similar systems to track your blog’s performance. Ask yourself – who is my intended audience? What do they do, what does their daily schedule look like, and what is their time zone? Once you know your target market, take the time to learn from their habits, post accordingly, and analyze your blog’s performance.


The key takeaway is to know your audience to figure out when to best reach them. Blogging is a great way to get noticed online, but sometimes you need more than that to get noticed. That’s where we can help. Contact Silver Creative Group today!


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