Our work is something that we take great pride in — as we should. For the creative touch, our clients place trust in us, and we deliver the results. We’re proud to focus on Amino Vital today, and showcase how we took their brand, and gave them a new image. With a heavy focus on the golf industry, our first directive was to target that niche, and branch out to other interested parties.

We began by analyzing their demographic, and understanding how we could target and capitalize on the US market. Ajinomoto was previously very successful in Australia and Asia, but needed a bit of a boost to get going in the states. We set out to help them brand out, and get the ball rolling quickly.

Our online campaign strategy worked over the course of a number of years, and featured a number of mediums in which we launched the brand, and allowed it to prosper. We utilized email marketing, banner ads, online contests, microsites and so much more. CTR and conversion percentages were a benchmark of success, and we were happy to share these results.

Over 20 million impressions later, we added more content into the stream of distribution, which included auto-drip emailing, and much much more. The end result are monthly sales numbers that are 15x more than they were before we began the work on their account, which has proven to show that the brand is very ready to go the distance in the US market.


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