Nowadays, everyone wants to stay healthy — and with good reason! Staying on top of your fitness and health can lead to a longer life, and less problems as time goes on. But in the new age of social media and digital content, many advocates believe that they’re gurus at the trade, when in reality, it is simply not the case. Whether you’re a personal trainer or a national brand, it’s important to understand that every situation is different. Before launching a campaign revolving around a healthier lifestyle, make sure you’re aware of the things needed to actually make it successful.


Niche targeting 

Many people are aware of the basics when it comes to a healthy lifestyle — but not every word of advice is for everyone. If you’re catering toward a number of people looking to lose weight, building muscle shouldn’t be a main source of content. Sure, maybe down the line it could work, but stick with your main focus and who it is actually resonating with first. Early goals are much more attainable when they’re solely focused on.


Your vanilla style posts about a 30-day squat challenge won’t entice many to continue looking to you for advice — they can wander off to any other outlet and get the same information. So with this, think about your market and how you can offer them some sort of value that is different from everyone else’s. While this can be hard, it helps when you’re trying to stand out, and be different from the rest of the pack.


It’s important to provide value to those who actually follow your brand. In short, provide them with insight! Don’t be hesitant to reply to comments and questions. In this industry, everyone can learn from someone else — it just takes time to respond!


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