Let’s be honest — the digital world is changing everyday; to capitalize on this, you’re going to need to be current, and ahead of the curve in regard to your own marketing efforts. One of the main things to focus on is how you’re seen on the digital space — and yes, this means going heavy with your graphics team to make sure that all aspects are covered. Digital art is one of the most important aspects of your entire campaign, and it should always be changing. Below are a few things you should have in your arsenal & ready to use at a moment’s notice.

A Second Logo

While it makes sense to have one logo that can be recognized by many, a second logo is something imperative for almost any company. For small pieces of creative, down to the necessary placement due to size constraints, a secondary logo can help achieve almost any task. This puts you above those who create graphics and don’t brand them effectively. Note: This doesn’t have to be an intricate design, but rather something that can be easily identified by people as time goes on. Think of your current logo and isolate some of it’s strengths for the new one. Bring stylistic aspects from the past and make them modern — but most of all, make them your own.

Future Content

While it’s near impossible to know what the future holds, the best thing you could have is a stockpile of assets to use, just in case. If you’re equipped with branding filters and watermarks on your photos, plug them into your favorite editing app and have other images to use at the ready. If this surrounds something such as the Super Bowl, sending out a graphic the day after won’t be received as well as something in the moment — plus, now you’re in the social conversation.  


For paid campaigns, nothing is going to appeal to every demographic, and that’s a fact (Just ask the people behind House Of Cards). Appealing to a number of different groups of people is critical, and you’re going to need creative for all of it. Have these lined up, and ready to go. No, you don’t have to use them all at once, but if you notice a shift in your targeting or demographic, you have the necessary items to appeal to them even more.
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